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We strive to empower a group of people who are struggling to raise their children in a culture where traditional, two-parent households are viewed as the norm. We envision a world where all families are whole, all families are “normal.” We envision a world where parents can be proud of their choices, and can find the support to raise their children to be proud of their upbringing and can thrive.

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General Writing Style and Suggestions:

    • Every article we consider must answer the question, “why is this relevant to solo parents?”
    • Our readers are people like you. We want to project an attitude of camaraderie. We want to be the friend next door who brings a bottle of wine and some good advice. Maybe we’re a little snarky, maybe we’re a little world-weary, but we’re never cynical or mean. Please be concise in your articles, because our readers are solo parents, after all. They just don’t have time to wade through every little he-said, she-said detail. Be informative. Be funny. Avoid using clichés, avoid rhetorical questions, avoid using filler words or words that aren’t absolutely necessary. Try to find a conclusion that takes the reader to a higher place, or a deeper understanding of what they might be going through. We are creating a community, and we want people to keep coming back.
    • For consistency and quality, we ask that writers adhere to the AP style– a brief outline of which can be found here.
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