The Serious Scoop

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Ease of Use9
Value (Cost to Worth Ratio)7.7
Solo Parent Approved8.7
The last, best, ice cream scoop you'll ever need.

There wasn’t time for the ice cream to thaw the other night, the game was about to begin, and this solo family had to catch the first pitch. We had a need for speed. The ice cream was hard, but Urban Trend’s Fruzen Ice Cream scoop was up for the task. It has a “power tip” with a beveled edge that bored through the hardest, forgotten, back-of-the shelf store-bought brand, as if it were a warm knife slicing through butter.  The corner scraper design leaves no room for error when scraping out the last swath of Cherry Garcia.  Left-handed solo parents need not fret, as it is an ambidextrous kitchen item. Also great is the fact that the handles are made of a durable plastic that doesn’t get cold in your grip, and which come in confectionery colors. Top rack dishwasher safe, very easy to clean, pretty indestructible.

And…because July is National Ice Cream Month, you might feel shamed into putting away the tablespoon that you’ve been using to dig out your Rocky Road and brandish a real tool. Yes, it’s a tool. To scoop real scoops of ice cream. What we like about the Fruzen Ice Cream Scoop is that it feels like it’s built to last. And when you eat serious amounts of ice cream, you want a serious scooper. All year ’round.

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