So Long, Stinky

It radiated a stench that no one could walk past without saying, “Ew!” But the little head propped over the side of the dog bed inevitably elicited another cry: “Aww, but he’s so cute!” A wee dog. A wee problem. A wee-wee problem. A wee dog who pees in the bed as soon as it’s clean. Why? WHY? I ask. To mark his territory, of course! Duh, Mom. In goes the bed (sans dog) into the washing machine– the second time this week. And when it’s done, a suspicious sniff reveals that it needs another wash to get the dog pee smell entirely out.

Enter Febreez In-Wash Odor Eliminator. As the liquid was added to the wash, I could only hope that it lived up to the brand’s flagship product, which I spray on the couch where the dog marks his territory. And the carpet by my desk. See the theme?

And, solo mom that I am, I could NEVER get RID of the DOG. Because he is the home in our home. He is the source of unconditional love that my little one counts on every time she opens the door to the kitchen. His (oft stinky) bed sits on the floor next to her bed. She goes to sleep knowing that he is there, wakes up knowing he is there. Counts on it. And, no, I would NEVER get rid of him– really, I’m not cruel. He keeps me company when she’s at her dad’s, after all. And he gets me out of the house twice a day on walks. No, he stays. But the odor has to go.

After the bed got the Febreez In-Wash treatment, the odor really was gone. It was not masked with perfume, though the scent is extremely “fresh.” But the odor really went away.

I’ll try it on my rank running clothes next. Then the balled-up soccer socks that I found in the hallway closet. Ew! But… aww.


Our Rating

Ease of Use8.9
Value (cost to worth ratio)7
Solo Parent Approved8.6
Beats an air freshener next to the dog bed!

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