Building Dreams with Your Teenager

The ArcKit ( is an architectural building kit that served my teenage son and I very well! We’re always looking for ways to engage with one another outside of our mobile devices, and this was a great bonding experience– literally.

The packaging of this product was so professional that we were a little apprehensive about using it for a father/son experience because it felt like an actual architectural project.  However, when we began opening up the package, my childhood dreams unfolded with memories of wanting to build my dream home when I was a kid.

Putting the home together was actually quite easy, but difficult enough to keep us engaged in the building process.  I would have to say that it would be a nice touch to have some furniture and items to include inside of the house but then I suppose that would make this “Ken’s Dreamhouse” instead of Barbie’s.

Overall, this was a great experience to share with my teenage son, although the cost point is a little high.  We were able to flex our creativity and logic at the same time by taking different approaches to how we wanted to build our home.  We are looking forward to taking it apart and rebuilding a different model soon.



Our Rating

Ease of Use8
Value (cost to worth ratio)7
Solo Parent Approved8.3
Great way to connect with your kid without devices.

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